1970s Flash: Lightolier "Jellyfish" Ceiling Fixture


Mid-century modern furniture continues to dominate the decorating scene. Pieces are selling quickly, the workmanship is usually high, and items can easily be mixed and matched with other design styles and furniture periods. Our friend, antiques industry spokesman George Evans, the entrepreneur behind Bond & Bowery, a great online resource for antiques and fine art, foun d a 1970s Lightolier "Jellyfish" Ceiling Fixture or us.

Design2Share: Tell us a bit about what attracted you to this fixture, George.

George: The organic style of this chandelier is its most unique feature, don't you think? The stylized “jellyfish” is a whimsical creation. The treatment is blissful, with a brass top and a four separate pods of colorless glass rods to complete the effect.

D2S: What do you think makes this lighting piece collectible or desirable?

George: It’s a form not often seen, and I would consider this a rarity especially since the fixture is 100% intact. Lightolier (now owned by Philips) is a collectible lighting company to begin with. They've been around since the turn of the century, from the very beginning of the lighting industry. That’s when lighting was strictly functional, and they helped bring innovative designs - function with style - to the entire market.

D2S: Any decorating tips for our readers?

George: This "Jellyfish" light would be great where one would need a stylish “flush mount” fixture. Being only 9 inches high and 12 inches in diameter, it's going to look great anywhere you put it. Note that this piece can also can transcend the "lighting" category, and can add an arts and crafts feel to your interior.

Thios would be great in the right powder or dressing room for starters. It would be perfect in a pool house, stairway, hallway, or over a small breakfast table. This is an ideal touch of whimsy for any chic environment you're creating.

D2S: Do you know anything of the Jellyfish's provenance?

George: This chandelier comes from Alexandria, VA based Bond and Bowery dealer Verdigris. Being a piece from the 1970s, this was commercially made of quality materials, brass and glass. Lightolier, thanks to innovative designs like this fixture, was able to change with the times - from the Edwardian age, through Art Deco, a long run with Mid-Century modern into 1970s styling, and then to more commercial lighting applications today. This is a great piece of vintage lighting to add to your collection.


For more info: Go to Bond & Bowery for more info and pricing on tne 1970s Lightolier "Jellyfish" Ceiling Fixture.


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