Matteo Grassi Leather Tuxedo Dining Chairs

Mid-century modern furniture is the hottest style out there, and we found some beautiful examples that combine Euro design with high craftsmanship. Our friend, antiques industry spokesman George Evans, the entrepreneur behind Bond & Bowery, a great online resource for antiques and fine art, found Six Leather Dining Room Room Chairs by Matteo Grassi for us.

Design2Share: Tell us a bit about why you brought these to our reader's attention, George.

George: I like the fact that there are six tuxedo chairs for extra holiday company. We don't often find some elegant, affordable dining room chair sets that you can easily store for holidays or dinner guests - or use as your everyday set. I thought that these were a perfect hard-to find set of chairs that would go with a Biedermeier, Art Deco, or modern dining table, too. They're a timeless design.

D2S: What do you know about the chairs provenance? Where were they made?

George: They come to us from Bond and Bowery dealer Rue Auber of Stonington CT. These 1970 leather chairs were created by Matteo Grassi, a Milan leather goods firm that opened up its shop as a saddle and luggage maker in 1880 (see photo below). The Grassi family created a company that has 100+ years of adaptation and continuous success, mostly in hand-crafted goods. Their high quality standards are exemplified by products like these chairs

D2S: Any decorating tips for our readers?

George: The chairs would be perfect in almost any interior, traditional or modern, since they're black, well proportioned, and seamless. Use them throughout a home: put a pair of chairs in your den or home office; have a few in your hallway as hall chairs; use them in your living room. No matter where they're put to use throughout the house, e.g. as a desk or side chair, bring them into the dining room for extra seating. Or you can use them in a kitchen, breakfast room, or dining room as your everyday set of dining chairs. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a set of six vintage chairs by an important Italian leather maker. I think these six chairs are preferable to buying new chairs as these are made with the quality of the past, ready for many more years of comfort and use.


For more info: Go to Bond & Bowery for more info and pricing on tne Six Leather Dining Room Chairs by Matteo Grassi.


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