Jan Tyniec

In home design, it's a notable achievement when we can bring nature indoors. Nature transforms an interior space and reminds us of the infinite and effortless beauty beyond our painted walls and decorated rooms. We recently had the pleasure of finding the perfect additions of nature for any home in the instance of works by photographer Jan Tyniec.

In my works I have been avoiding storytelling and references of scale and time in order to unravel meaning. I remain most interested in exploring the relationships between culture and nature, or document (the perception of the real) and artifice (the deception of reality).

Jan (pronounced "yon") was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1960. He received MFA degrees from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1983) and Hunter College in New York (1989). Between 1986 and 2005 he lived and worked in New York City. Currently he divides his time between Pike County, Pennsylvania and Bali, Indonesia. In recent years he has traveled extensively to work on photography projects in the US, Indochina, Antarctica, Indonesia, and China.

In recent works, black and white photography allows me to create the most straightforward, yet highly personal images of water, sky, land, the lotus flower or a person within the context of landscape, beliefs and most importantly myth. My work process is very emotional and often challenging as I aim to establish a most intimate relationship and understanding of the subject.

Tyniec’s paintings, drawings, and photographs can be found in private, corporate, and public collections in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. His photographs were shown recently in a number of solo exhibitions. One of his collections, perfect for home decor, is entitled Full Circle: Rice Portfolio, printed on fiber base, full matte paper by Ilford, in a limited edition of 15, size 20 x 16 inches. They are also available in a custom edition of 6, size 39 x 39 inches.

Rice fields fascinate me with their energy and beauty, with the repetition of cycles over thousands of years. Rice cultivation in Bali is closely associated with female qualities and is celebrated: pregnancy, birth, and growth are equal to planting, harvest, and continuity. There is no clear distinction between tending the fields, making music, weaving a textile, performing a dance, placing an offering or an evening prayer... All these activities are interdependent. Time has its special flow in Bali. It is the fabric of ritual.

Full Circle: Lotus Portfolio is printed on fiber base, full matte paper by Ilford, in a limited edition of 15, size 20 x 16 inches. Also in a custom edition of 6, size 39 x 39 inches. These images are haunting in their delicate, mystical look at one of nature's amazing creations.

The lotus is highly symbolic in all of Asia. It is associated with sacred qualities and represents the paradox of life itself; its power and strength rooted in mud and earth while its fragile pedals reach toward the sun. I would like for my lotus images to be very intimate.




For more information, go to the Jan Tyniec website.

Jan's art is represented in New York by the Jayne H. Baum Gallery.

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