Top 5 July Favorites

1. Paris Music Video


The haunting piano and singing voice of Melody Gardot in her Wicked Ride video show off Paris to achingly beautiful effect.



2. Tree Houses


It's summer, and we're rocking out to beautiful tree house designs from around the world. Those who are really into "adult tree houses," talk about environmental responsibility, eco design, and respect for the "host tree." We love it.



3. The Heartworks Stitching Club


Adding anything made by hand to your home will warm up your decor. Handcrafted materials add personality that's so often missing from mass-produced, machine-made home goods. We recently discovered heartworks in Cape Town, South Africa, and encourage you to check them out. A good cause producing great handcrafts in the country of the 2010 World Cup.



4. Gold Leaf Design's Outdoor Art


The Chicago firm Gold Leaf Design Group has been creating some of the most cutting-edge home goods for awhile now, and we're huge fans! Their outdoor-rated materials, ranging from planters to works of garden art, are big favorites.

Shown here are their Wire Circle Balls and Wall Art resin bowls - just screw the bowls into the side of your house, along a fence, or any other outdoor surface to create your own composition.







5. Feather Your Nest



F. Schumacher & Co. has really pushed the envelope on wall treatments this time. Their Nest Collection consists of 24 different hand-crafted wall panel designs made entirely of all-natural, "humanely gathered feathers" arranged on non-woven paper backings. It's a great marriage of color, pattern, and texture.

Jay JohnsonComment