Top 5 November Favorites

1. Customized Knobs


We like the DIY and artistic aspect of being able to choose your own images for insertion into custom knobs from Ghost Nest. Choose from a gallery of pre-existing images and featured artists or design your own knobs by uploading photos or artwork. Wouldn't this be a great way to display your kids' art and photos in their room?



2. Bright and Shiny


We love these Julian Chichester lighting solutions (above: Anna Lantern, Frank Lamps, Flip Lamp), and these bright ideas from Vaughan (below: Akita Alder Wood Lantern, Boulder Table Lamp, Aldrin Globe).






3. Ceramics



Sena Gu makes clean, artistic ceramics with a sense of whimsy and great functionality. Pictured above: Cactus Vases, Ceramic Flower, Cauliflower Vase.



4. Online Rental Center


We like the concept of an eBay-like site for renting practically anything, and it's called Zilok. People and businesses post things they're willing to rent out and the price. We found everything from sewing machines and napkins to furniture and sailboats.



5. Forward-Thinking Design


We love the way this architect and designer thinks about projects, from crystal-studded sail buildings to furniture made from recycled toys. Visit the Greg Lynn FORM website for more inspiration.

Jay JohnsonComment