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Harassment.  Favorite Spread-the-Word Tip


We love the new issue of Modernism magazine, with great articles and photo features ranging from Modernist Boston and Alfred Browning Parker to the cover story's visit to Robert Mallet Stevens' Paris villa. Read their online magazine edition and be sure to find our creative director Irwin Weiner's full-page ad under their Bonus section!


Can't write anything.  Favorite Reader Recommendation



Many thanks to Oreana in Cleveland, OH for nominating Filipino designer Kenneth Cobonpue and his sumptuous Voyage bed as her favorite bedroom furniture design. We agree completely -- Cobonpue's award-winning ways continue with this woven masterpiece.


Psychotic.  Best Healthy Bed & Sleep Tips


We're currently reading Squeaky Green: The Method Guide to Detoxing Your Home. You've seen Method household care products in stores everywhere for several years now (great packaging!), and although this book reads a bit like a commercial ("brought to you by Method!"), there are some great tips. From their bedrooms section, we gleaned these helpful tips to keep your bed in top sleepshape form:

  1. Put a dust mite cover around your mattress and pillows. They're now available in unbleached, undyed organic cotton that has no flame retardants and have been shown to work as well as the vinyl ones.
  2. Vacuum your mattress, box spring, and headboard. How often? Method seems to think more is better, erring on the once or twice a month side to rid yourself of dust mites and debris.
  3. Buy a PBDE-free mattress (those flame retardants that are blended into plastics and foams during production). There are many health reasons to go with all-natural mattresses, and they're not hard to find (e.g., IKEA phased out PBDEs years ago).


Dying from the heat.  Favorite Hot Bedding Looks



Okay, we admit we're on a bit of a bedroom kick here, but we spend so much of our lives in this room. Make it count with fab bedding. For the teen girl in your family, we love the Gigi bedding line from Pine Cone Hill (see photos above), with bright oranges, limes, and red and ric-rac detailing on the linens. And what's not to love about the multi-layered dust ruffles, reminding us of a Stevie Nicks outfit on acid! For the adults, we're loving the luxury of D. Porthault French linens (below). And there's more: Design2Share has other bedding favorites for you to check out, along with our Guest Rooms video!



Evil poking.  Favorite Media Furniture


You'll be whistling a happy tune if you add the sleek, modern Sapporo Media Console to house your freestanding entertainment center. Great for media rooms, dens, and family rooms where you might not have the budget to add built-in cabinetry and other custom media storage and display solutions.


I have no idea what this is.  Favorite Critter Posters





AllPosters.com features the children's posters from artist Yuko Lau in an adorable Peek-a-Boo theme that will doll up any kids room. He has rendered a variety of wild animal and pets that are completely charming. The posters are available unmounted, mounted, laminated, or on canvas.


Old hat.  Favorite Antique House


Tomsk, Russia is home to almost 2,000 all-wood gingerbread-decorated homes built in the 1800s. Some, like the home above, have been lovingly restored, while many are in need of restoration. The revival of interest in these homes is also breathing new life into the wood carving trade.

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