D2S Editor Favs: Week of March 24, 2008


Happy Easter, Happy Spring to everyone!

Chef.  Favorite Kitchen Helper


Pierre Deux's Provencal Butcher Block is one of many interesting offerings in PD's Le Cordon Bleu line. It's definitely spiffy and of heirloom quality. We loved the attention to details, like the solid oak workspace, wrought-iron hardware, towel rings, and build-in holder that slices off plastic wrap and foil.


Old hat.  Favorite Antiques, Antiques Book, and New Design2Share Spotlight Videos


We admire Alan Olswing, a Lambertville, NJ antique dealer, and his passion for collecting vintage Chia clay heads. Check out Alan's new book and watch our Design2Share video interviews with Alan and learn more about his fascinating collection (just click on the links below to view the vids):

  1. An Intro to Clay Chia Heads                                   


Bouncing a ball.  Favorite Children's Furniture


This Chair and Table Set from iBride by Kobo is so cute and stylish -- and it's all made from reclaimed wood and recycled materials. Music to our ears.


Fun pushing.  Favorite Pair


BB.gifThis pair of Jens Risom lounge chairs would look swingeroo in your pad. Check out our Bond & Bowery Presents column this week and learn more about Jens Risom in our By George! column interview with industry expert George Evans.


I have no idea what this is.  Favorite Back-to-Nature Accessory


Creepy or cool? You be the judge, but we love this Louis Sicard workshop Cicada Wall Pocket that you can hang up and fill with sprays of lavender and baby's breath.


Psychotic.  Favorite TV Gizmos





Electronics lovers have relied on Crutchfield for their gizmo fixes, and the ones pictured above are quite fun. Mount the Polk Audio SurroundBar underneath your TV and it will fill your room with three-dimensional audio without the need to add rear speakers. The black and titanium models are shown, and they're easily easily connected to the TV without having to run wires all over the place. (The photo of the SurroundBar in the middle shows what it looks like with the grille removed.)


A lot of work.  Favorite Design Industry Research


Check out Design Journal's Weekly Top 40, their selections of furnishings and hot new decor  items available for custom specifications. Wow your clients -- and you can even sign up to get the Top 40 sent to you as a weekly email.

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