Video Photo Montages Capture the Design Details of Your Travels

Girl in Window, Morocca / Mike Matas
Jay Johnson - Have you ever wondered what you should do with all your trip photos? Well, wonder no longer; take a zillion photos and put them together in a video photo montage. There are many software programs that will help you create a great slideshow (search for them online and you'll have many PC and Mac options to choose from). Synch up your photos to music and set the images go by in a quick one-second interval. The trick to a successful montage is to take a sequence of still photos of a single scene so that when they're flashed back-to-back in the montage, they'll replicate video action. Here's a great example. I found this amazing travel video of a trip from Morocco to Spain; photographer/Facebook entrepreneur Mike Matas and his girlfriend took about 4,000 photographs and put them together in a riveting travel video.
Moroccan Wood Carving / Mike Matas
Note how the colors, textures, and patterns of the architecture, food, interiors, people, and train travel stand become particularly pronounced. I like Mike's capture of action, whether it's his girlfriend's computer use, the blur of scenery out the window of a train, a walk through an old section of a Moroccan city, or following the meanderings of a street cat. The end result is brilliant.