Tea from the Heart

A.jpgJay Johnson -- 'Tis the season to think about heart-warming things. Here's a list of my favorites:

1. Old holiday movies on TV

2. Big animated holiday windows in department stores

3. Fresh snowfalls in the country

4. A roaring fireplace with family gathered around

5. Sharing tea with a good friend

I had the chance a year ago to share tea and treats with my friend Deborah in Minneapolis. I must say, it warmed my heart, and I wish I could be back there again to celebrate the season with her.

C.jpgFirst, there's the beauty of the tea table itself. The art of setting a beautiful place for yourself and a special guest is a rarified pleasure. When someone sets a beautiful tea table for you, say a silent prayer of gratitude.

The tea itself is a great heart warmer. The hot liquid goes down easily. I haven't always appreciated great tea, and that's due to my upbringing. I was force-fed tea whenever I was sick, so tea meant illness to me.

Now it means friendship.

Tea lubricates a gathering and makes for an easygoing conversation. Speech flows casually, elegantly, quietly. It's unforced when friends get together on a lazy afternoon. Do you think there is anything more important in life than friends getting together? I can't think of a single business deal, sale, or stock trade that can produce the same warm glow of friendship.

B.jpgDid you ever read A Cup of Christmas Tea? It's a lovely read this time of year. Don't be put off by its illustrations, either. This is a book for all ages. And, yes, it will warm your heart, as it has warmed readers' hearts for over 25 years.

In the 600+ video shorts contained in our Design2Share Video Library on YouTube, you'll see examples where I've taken my camera and shot videos of heart-warming slices of life.

I recorded some of my pre-tea time with friend Deborah in It's All About Tea and Artsy Fireplace. Just click on these links to watch the videos. I marveled at her teapot collection, her daughters' handmade beeswax candles, the loving way she set the table, her fireplace art collection. It was a "complete" experience. Some homes radiate warmth, and Deborah's certainly does.

It was casual, it was friendly, and it was all about the heart. I hope this holiday time brings you the same kind of special experience, too.


PhotoCredits: Pete Carr, Borderlands Book Store, Tea in My Cup

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