Ibiza Villa

Photo: Adam Johnston
Irwin Weiner ASID - We have a humble renovated farmhouse in Bucks County, PA as our weekend getaway. It features a garden-filled yard with an old 1960s in-ground pool built in the shape of an Absolute Vodka bottle. I must say that it's a far cry from the high luxury found in resort islands like Ibiza, but today I wanted to share with you a video to show you what a brand-new luxury villa looks like in a part of the world more of-the-moment than rural Pennsylvania. The pool is killer. The architecture is solid and suitable to resort living. Swim in the ocean or pool, take a soaking bath to wash away all the sand and grit, then get ready for a night of clubs, dancing, and parties. The furnishings are safe, yet classic contemporary pieces that suit the villa and its vacation getaway purpose. The artwork is colorful - thank heavens something adds a bit of color to the place - and keeps the decor edgy and vibey. All I know is, I could hang out there for a week if I was forced.... Okay ... maybe a month or two. 

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