Wallpaper* City Guides

What's a Trippy?

It's a short visual trip to places of architectural or design importance.

Where are we going?

All over the world, with the help of global publisher Phaidon Press and their Wallpaper* City Guides. These palm-sized travel guides from cover the world's most fashionable cities and specialize in destinations rich in art and design, great for business, and brimming with fashion. They're researched and compiled by the travel editors of Wallpaper* magagazine as well as by correspondents who live in the cities in question and compile the latest information.

Current guides cover New York, Mexico City, Boston, Palma de Mallorca, Zurich, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Istanbul, Milan, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Rome, Antwerp, Bologna, Vancouver, Shanghai, Delhi, Marseille, Moscow, Seoul, Venice, Reykjavik, Hamburg, Kuala Lumpur, Kyoto, Warsaw, Cairo, Chicago, Hanoi, Valencia, Budapest, Tokyo, Montreal, Aukland, Las Vegas, Melbourne, Munich, Hong Kong, Marrakech, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Basel, Bilbao, Prague, Tel Aviv, Athens, Berlin, Cape Town, Dubai, Lisbon, Miami, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, Vienna, Beijing, Havana, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Honolulu, Brussels, Caracas, Florence, Houston, Naples, Osaka, Oslo, Riga, Seville, Washington DC, London, Los Angeles, and Amsterdam.

What's to see?

The travel folks at Wallpaper* aren't fooling around. They're only concerned with the best of the best, so this is a series of qualitative city guides they call "tightly edited and ruthlessly researched for the discerning traveller who wants a true taste of the best a city has to offer." They're concerned about the ultimate destinations within a city for art and architecture, and they'll offer their best bets for where to lodge, eat, drink, shop, exercise, and relax. Designed for the business traveler, folks on an extended visit, or the weekend tourist, Wallpaper* City Guides are for anyone with great design in mind.


Some Wallpaper* City Guide Best Bets for New York City 

The Austrian Cultural Forum (architect Raimund Abraham), completed in 2002 and thought by many to be the most important structure built in Manhattan in 40 years

The Bowery Hotel (designed by Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson), a rococo luxury spot in the fashionable East Village/No-Ho neighborhood; Wallpaper* recommends reserving one of the 7 rooms on floors 6, 7, and 14 that feature a private terrace and an outdoor shower

Niche Modern, a showroom featuring stunning original U.S. hand-blown glass light fixtures

ChickaLicious, Don and Chika Tillman's dessert-only restaurant (NYC's first of its kind); Wallpaper* recommends the hot caramel custard soup with roma apple sorbet

Yelo, a futuristically designed day spa complex that specializes in sleep therapy; try one of their power naps in a "mod pod"