Dad Might Even Love This Decorating Book

If you want your weekend warrior or handy-DIYer husband or father to get more engaged and put more skin in your home's decorating game, we think we've got the right book to recommend for Father's Day or any other day. The Big-Ass Book of Home Decor by TV host and designer Mark Montano features 105 simple, practical, penny-wise, and pretty cool projects that dad and other family members can jump into. Design2Share's editors appreciated the attitude in this book. Its core tenant is that no house should have boring, shabby, or ugly decor, and if you don't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on a makeover, you can still rely on your own creative juices and things your probably already have to get your home looking good.

Montano's work on TLC's While You Were Out and 10 Years Younger, We Network's She's Moving In, and Style Network's My Celebrity Home has given him exposure to practically every home decorating disaster under the sun. But he has encouraging words of wisdom for every homeowner.

"Perfection is overrated! That's my motto. I don't want to be perfect and I don't expect anything I make or do to be perfect. I think that would be a tragic bore. Instead I like the flaws that make people and things special and give them soul. That's what my book is all about . . . perfect imperfection, or as I like to say it, being perfectly imperfect.

"When you tackle the crafts in my book, think about a few different things besides the end result. Think about how great it is to be creative, how wonderful it is that you're making something with your own two hands.

"Mostly, think about the fact that when you make a project, it will be unique in the entire world because you made it. If you really don't like it, give it to someone who does, or just start over. (Better yet, give it to someone you don't like and make them display it!) Either way, embrace your creativity and don't be afraid to be perfectly imperfect."

The book is divided up into different project sections, and each gives you a simple-to-follow list with photos of the project, plus the inspiring final results. You'd be surprised what you can do with masking tape, string, spray paint, glue, and some good ideas! Great Resource Guide and Project Pointers sections orient homeowners and DIY die-hards to do their very best, in an imperfect and big-ass way, of course! Here are the D2S favorite projects in this highly-recommended boisterous and funky book.

Paint Chip Art is a cool way to use those free and colorful chips from home improvement stores, and you'll have a blast wrapping furniture and other items in yarn and spray painting projects like this String Paint Technique Dresser.


Montano's Birdcage Pillow is a really cool craft that gives you a great addition to any chair or couch.


This Fornasetti-esque Table gives you the keys to the Decoupage Kingdom! You'll be able to take all kinds of great images and make fantastic projects.


You don't even have to be a skilled sew-and-sew to make this Hand-Stitched Curtain Panel. It's fun, simple, and easy to make.


We endorse painting techniques like the one used in this Red-and-Gold Lace Mirror to bring new life to old household objects. With just 1 yard of lace, it's possible to become a Picasso with a can of spray paint!

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