Happy Cinco de Mayo: Trip on this Mexico City Snail House!

We just made a delightful discovery - the website New House of Art. It celebrates contemporary luxe house design around the world, boasts gorgeous photography, and is deliciously written in a broken English style that immediately endeared itself to us! The site is filled with cutting-edge residential architecture from around the world, and you'll find some real inspiration for your own dreamhouse in its articles and archives.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we selected NHofA's piece on a Bizarre Giant Snail Home. The website describes the home as follows.

This living place is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Many people in that country like this home design. Hovering beyond the smoggy city, this giant mollusk is house to Fernando Mayorga and Magali and their two children’s Allan and Josh. The impressive shell-like paint frames the language shaped furniture protrusion that cultivate from the nearby walls. A distinguished eco-factor of this alternative house is that it is created of a spray able ceramic named Grancrete. The spiral shaped design, material and construction schemes used to construct The Nautilus create it earthquake-friendly and simple to maintain. This is absolutely unique ideas for home designing. I hope you are getting some inspiration about your home design ideas after look at the pictures below.

What did we tell you? Delightful!







Photo credits: New House of Art