6 Inexpensive Cottage Wall Decor Ideas

Jessica Ackerman - If you have high-dollar tastes on a shoestring budget, don’t fret. There are many ways that you can dress up your walls without tapping into your child’s college fund or spending a small fortune. The tips that follow will help you to dress up your walls for less, while sticking with your love of cottage style decor. Yes, decorating your walls frugally yet beautifully is possible, and here’s how.

1. Think reflectively. 

Although there are definitely many expensive mirrors out there, there are an equally large number of inexpensive ones. You can also make your own mirror by having the mirror cut at a hardware store, and then frame it with whatever suits your fancy, whether that's old beads from a broken necklace, wallpaper remnants, or decorative trim.

2. Think artsy. 

You can invariably decorate your walls “on the cheap” by using a stencil. Stenciling is fun and easy and you can stencil nearly any design as a border on the wall. From vines to grapes to other designs, you'll love the look of stenciling in your cottage style space. Add some grapes wall hangings near the stenciling to add a French cottage feel to the room. 

3. Think functional. 

It's simple to make a DIY bulletin board that encompasses most of the wall. All you need is fabric, rickrack, buttons, ribbons, and embellishments. You can then use pins to tuck in various memorabilia, photos, or other items to bring your bulletin board to life. Or use magnetic paint to create a surface in the home office or elsewhere that is perfect for displaying your child’s artwork, report cards, and more. Another way to decorate your walls while keeping functionality in mind is to store a collection right on the wall, such as a quirky hat assortment.

4. Think simple. 

Use old postcards to create a collage on your wall, or frame your postcard collection for a fun look. An out-of-date calendar often provides just the needed artwork for framing and hanging on your wall. 

5. Think soft. 

Use fabrics as wall art, whether you choose to hang your collection of scarves on the wall, frame and hang an assortment of antique doll clothing, or showcase your grandmother’s vintage quilt. When using quilts for wall decor, you can either hang them from the wall using a special quilt hanger, or display them in a shadow box that can be made or purchased just for that purpose. A child’s christening outfit on a decorative hanger makes a beautiful accent to grace the walls of the little girl’s room. You can also use vintage fabric to create your own wall mural that you affix to the wall much like you would wallpaper. Another great fabric decorating idea is to hang small, colorful rugs on the wall.

6. Think high-tech. 

Shopping online is a great way to find beautiful wall art that is befitting your cottage style, often for far less than you'd pay when shopping at a local retailer. Look for items like wrought iron decor that are more budget priced for your cottage space.

Jessica Ackerman is a Design Specialist on the Wall Decor & Home Accents website team.