Quick Decorating: Guest Bedroom Tips

It's a big deal when you receive guests in your home. Make sure that your guest bedroom provides a memorable experience that enhances their visit. Here are a few tips of the design trade to follow:

  • A sitting area in the guest bedroom makes it a more comfortable visit for them (room permitting). Your guests will have more of a sense of independence if they have a room where they can close the door and just relax and unwind.
  • Look after the amenities that you appreciate in a fine hotel, then see that your guests are well equipped. This would include notepaper, good lighting, crisp bedding, extra blankets and/or a heater, space in a chest of drawers and closet for unpacking and hanging up clothes, and access to a phone to make local calls.
  • Blackout shades or heavy drapes that keep the room dark. It's refreshing to have a full night's sleep without having the early morning sun shine into the room.

Here's a Quick Decorating video we took to show a guest bedroom featured in Architectural Digest and our point of view on providing a great experience for your company.

For more tips: watch our special Guest Bedroom Video!

Jay JohnsonComment