Most Outrageous Home Office Furniture

When you look around houses for sale they will often be decorated with neutral furniture and tones to attract buyers, but once the house is yours, you are free to put your own stamp on the place. If you have an office or study in your home, take advantage of the many odd and outrageous pieces of furniture available on the market, and make the room feel trendy and professional. Check out some of the office furniture we managed to find.

Distinctive Desk

Mini Statements
You'll need a pretty big office in order to fit this Mini desk inside it; however if you did find adequate space for it, your guests would end up with major office envy. If you get writer's block, you could always polish your desk for a bit.


Hideaway Bookshelf

Like Cool
This bookcase manages to combine both practicality and a splendid design. If you need a quiet place to get away, hop into your Cave Bookshelf! The great part is that books can be stored on either side of the bookshelf, so how you position it in the room - even floating it to expose both sides - is up to you.


Controller Chair

Slash Gear
To truly take command of your work, just plunk yourself onto this Motoart C-130 Navigator's Chair. You might feel like you're about to take off in a space shuttle, but keep your feet on solid ground and let your mind take you to brand new heights instead.


Captivating Lamp

Slippery Brick
If you think that the products above are slightly out of the realm of normal home office furniture, you might be best suited to an office-themed lamp instead. These colorful Push-Pin Lamps are meant to be push pins stuck in a piece of corkboard; they're both handy and funky.


Unusual Aquarium


Fun Fish Tank
It isn’t often you find property that has an unusual aquarium such as this in the office. Your fish can be entertained for hours as they explore their new multilevel home - the Octopus Studios Silverfish Aquarium - and you can have just as much joy watching them. You’ll get brownie points with your visitors too if they think it's cool!


Peculiar Pen Pots

Sourcing City
If you like to use the 3Rs in your office (reduce, reuse, and recycle), these fab Wheelie Bin Pen Pots will be a great reminder. You'll reduce the amount of pens you lose and replace, therefore reusing the ones you have!

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