Hottest Home TV Solutions

Wired magazine's August 2010 issue gave us the 411 on all the geeky, cool video components available for the home. It helped us sort out the drek from the must-haves. Click here to see their television feature, and read on to check out their five picks for the ultimate home television solution.

1. Sony Bravia XBR HX909 - This is the company's new 3-D ready-or-not-here-it-comes flatscreen (you can watch 2-D programs on it, naturally). Read Wired's article for all its features, and watch the Sony video below for some Q&A on their 3-D sets.


2. Sony PlayStation 3 - Sony, you're on a roll, aren't you? Wired loves this gaming system for its reasonable price ($350), its ability to handle Blu-rays, and high-def quality.


3. Mac mini - Here's a tip - if you're a home theater lover, cutting-edge systems need their own PC to organize everything for TV viewing and pluck essentials from the Internet. This include your iTunes music and remote access from your iPhone or iPad with Apple's free remote app.


4. TiVo Premiere XL - Wired called this the "king of DVRs," with a 150-hour HD content storage capacity and ability to hunt down anytime, anywhere TV programming. For more info on its features, here's a propaganda video.


5. Logitech Harmony 900 - This super-universal remote control can give you access to up to 15 different components and support thousands of brands and a few hundred thousand (yes - 225,000!) devices. It even interfaces with the Mac mini, but Wired advises buying an add-on dongle ($60) to get this super-controller to access the PS3, too.