The Scoop on Luxury Real Estate

TNT Partners -- Welcome to our new column for Design2Share, covering the inside news on the luxury real estate market. Our territory covers all the towns in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and the surrounding region. We have a network of fabulous realtors who feed us the latest information, tips, and news to help you understand the hot high-end real estate world. We're not biased at all. We happen to think our team is knowledgeable, caring, and savvy -- and we're fun to work with!

TNT%20photo.jpgDon't believe all that you read! Lots of negative articles and slanted statistics are in the news again these days. What they don't tell you is that you are out there buying and looking at the most exciting homes and estates that are available right now. Smart investors who have saved their cash and see that we have low interest rates are lining up when the price is right and homeowners have the motivation to sell.

Glut in the marketplace? Only for overpriced inventory. Fabulous properties never before on the market . . . for decades . . . with pricepoints over $3 million . . . have signed contracts in the Northeastern U.S., our beat. The luxe real estate market nationally will continue to show signs of more sales in the weeks ahead. We see more clients coming out of New York City, along with local buyers, moving up in price to buy their Dream Homes.

What's got us going? Exciting new construction with wonderful bells and whistles. New technology incorporated into old and new luxe homes. Gorgeous pieces of property surrounding these jewels. These are sure to entice buyers. So what's keeping you from coming!

Luxury, here and now! We love the direct waterfront homes available for sale on the market's high end right now. There are more coming on the market each week -- $2.5 million and up. Some have elevators. Think of the fun you'll have in these properties, getting ready for those fall sunsets and relaxing walks along sandy shorelines.

wilton.jpgLuxe trends? Plenty! Large estate properties have recently sold. They're good bets and always in high demand. There is a lot more building of larger homes with pools, tennis courts, guest houses, barns, and outdoor entertainment areas. Lucky clients can help customize these luxe properties by jumping into the projects in the earlier design and construction phases. Pick those luxe finishes that set you apart from the Joneses.

Please ignore. No more "Chicken Little" news stories about the real estate market! Those are for and about people who aren't going to buy luxe real estate anyway. The market was to have been a bubble for a few years now, and see what the high-end market has really done? Look at those stats here in the Northwest alone . . . the last three years have been strong and unbelievable.

We know high-end clients work hard to reach their level of achievement, and they deserve to enjoy their good fortune with a fabulous home. Our advice is to take advantage of today's luxe inventory. Deals are out there waiting to be done, and exciting luxe details are yours to discover in special homes in all markets. Get the goodies!

Next week: Look for our next article . . . The Luxury Gourmet Kitchen . . . and see what new surprises our luxe real estate snoops can unearth for you.

All our best till then,

TNT Partners: Julia Broder, Wendy Tremaglio, and Steven Thomson


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