Spring Decorating: Green Design Lighting

Stellar scraplights, courtesy of GraypantsJanet Ramin - I was quickly walking by aisles and aisles of furniture and lighting at a recent furniture fair when this twisting, twinkling form rose up and caught my eye. Could it be a sculpture, a tall narrow cabinet, or a tree? Well, it could just be a little bit of everything. 

The design firm, Graypants, introduced a very exciting line of light fixtures called the Stellar series of "Scraplights." Pictured above, a star-shaped floor lamp twists and turns as it rises from the floor. Spilling out in between the grooves is light from the decorative low-energy bulbs. What makes these light fixtures so special is the material that they’re made from

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Winter Decorating Tips to Warm Up Your Home

Jessica Ackerman - When the cold and blustery days of winter arrive, it's a good idea to add a few warm touches to your home's decor to help counteract the snow and chill. During the winter months, most people find themselves spending more time indoors. What better time to spruce up your home decor and make your indoor world a warmer and cozier place? If you'd like to give your home a winter makeover, here are some decorating tips to help get you started.

Go Big

If you want to keep things simple and less fussy in your home, try using big decorating accents instead of small ones. This technique actually works with almost anything used to decorate your home, from furniture pieces to artwork. For example, use one piece of big wall art to create a bold and attention-getting focal point in a room. If you do have smaller decorating accents that you'd like to use, try combining them into groups instead of displaying them individually. For the winter months, a large winter themed wall sculpture could add the perfect touch. Or try hanging a small quilt on the wall to warm up a room's look.

Use Natural Materials

There's just something about natural materials that work well with winter decorating schemes. Whether you choose to display a big basket of pinecones on your fireplace hearth or hang a few pieces of wooden wall art, the look will be warm, natural and inviting. You could also bring in bare branches from the outdoors, arranging them in a big vase to create a natural display.

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