Spring Decorating: Green Design Lighting

Stellar scraplights, courtesy of GraypantsJanet Ramin - I was quickly walking by aisles and aisles of furniture and lighting at a recent furniture fair when this twisting, twinkling form rose up and caught my eye. Could it be a sculpture, a tall narrow cabinet, or a tree? Well, it could just be a little bit of everything. 

The design firm, Graypants, introduced a very exciting line of light fixtures called the Stellar series of "Scraplights." Pictured above, a star-shaped floor lamp twists and turns as it rises from the floor. Spilling out in between the grooves is light from the decorative low-energy bulbs. What makes these light fixtures so special is the material that they’re made from: corrugated cardboard! 

Scraplights, courtesy of GraypantsGraypants’ designer, Jonathan Junker, put it best:

Beauty can come from the most unexpected of places and that’s what we are trying to do with our scraplights.  

The Graypants team collect discarded corrugated cardboard boxes from local businesses in the Seattle, Washington area and transform them into these beautiful, fully functional light fixtures. Used with Plumen, a low-energy bulb that lasts 8 times longer than an incandescent bulb, the scraplights offer a very green design choice that’s also easy on the eye. I highly recommend this green design lighting for decorating your home this spring.



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