It's the Season for Pumpkin Cheesecake!

You're lacking in culinary imagination if you think pumpkins are only for Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. On the contrary, pumpkins are perfect perfect ingredients for delicious dishes, including pumpkin cheesecake. <Set your tastebuds for "mouthwatering."> We've found two recipes we wanted to share with you, one is the Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipe from Angie McGowan of The Family Kitchen, and the great end result is pictured above. (Click on the photo or the link to access the recipe.) We liked the way that there was some extra zing by adding gingersnaps to the graham cracker crust, and the cheesecake will turn out lighter with Angie's addition of ricotta cheese mixed in with the cream cheese and pumpkin base for the filling. An alternative recipe is given in the following video from Richard Angerone of Richie's Kitchen. His recipes are always simple to follow, and you'll find that with a springform pan, the ingredients and recipe elements, and the tips he gives on the video, you're well on your way to pumpkin cheesecake happiness.