Feng Shui Homework: Do You Have an Animal House?

Franca Giuliani - As I always say, our home, our rooms, our closets, and even our office desk all tell us a lot about what's really going on within our lives. And it can be an overwhelming task to tackle the space in order to start making changes. Sometimes what we just need is a push, especially if the space we're talking about seems to be very stale and stagnant.

Sometimes what a space may need is real active chi (the life force). That can easily be acquired by bringing in live animals, such as dogs and cats. And, I should know, because I recently dog sat for 9 days Tara - my “little” big yellow lab - and Zoey - the “BIG” little Havanese puppy. They wiped me out! And they definitely stirred up the chi in my home.

Now based on the Five Element Theory, pets and animals in general represent Fire and bring out a loving spirit in people. So having pets is a good thing. However, it's also a very big responsibility that's not for everyone.

Is there an alternative? The answer is "yes." You can still benefit from the animal spirit without actually bringing in a live animal. Add animal prints accessories and upholstery into your space … and I'm talking about “faux” prints. Add a leopard print throw blanket or a tiger throw rug in your living room. How about Dalmatian or cow print wash cloths or kitchen towels? Creatively, there's so much you can do to symbolically add this live energy into your space.

On a side note, animal prints are also auspicious for single people looking for a partner. The more you wear them, the more they can help. A printed scarf or a tie just might get you a date!

I mention animal chi now, because on August 6th the month’s energy changed. In general, August will have stillness energy. There may be a sense of having to climb a very steep mountain and having no feeling to initiate anything. That’s OK, though. We all need some quiet time for awhile. However, making sure we keep this “alive” isn't a bad idea, too.


So, your homework this month is to look at your space, see where you can benefit from a more energetic flow of chi, and add some animal prints to your design scheme.

Until next month, 

Be well,



Franca Giuliani is an environmental advisor, integrated feng shui consultant, and energy clearer whose inquisitive nature has led her down the path of the metaphysical world and related topics. Now Franca uses her expansive knowledge and experience to help individuals get their bearings and think differently about themselves and their space, enabling them to better plan for the future. 

She collectively uses a number of modalities to help people become aware of their environment, acknowledge it, and then help them begin to reach a better balance. Becoming aware of one’s environment and understanding why things are happening is the foundation to a possible transformation of life.

Franca has studied feng shui, energy clearing, and astrology for over nine years and continues to study under world-renowned instructors. A graduate of the Feng Shui Alliance School formerly in Edgewater, NJ, she holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a certificate from NYU. Additionally, Franca studied in Antwerp, Belgium and graduated from a Feng Shui Society of the United Kingdom accredited program.

Franca practices and teaches courses on relevant topics. She's consulted and lectured within the New York metro area, as well as in Italy. Italy has been Franca’s second home since childhood. She considers herself an Italian aficionado and organizes tours throughout Italy where she can share her knowledge and passion for this amazing country.