Feng Shui Tips - Fill in Missing Pieces of Your Rooms

Franca Giuliani - Living in a home or working in an office that has the shape of a square or rectangular is ideal in feng shui. It offers balance and incorporates a complete bagua. The bagua is an energetic map that includes the cardinal and intercardinal directions, each with their own powerful attributes. The bagua divides up any space - from a room to an entire house - into eight sectors plus the center.

Now it's not easy to find perfect squares and rectangles in our homes, apartments, or offices. With incredible design concepts and necessities like bumping out in a room to add a closet, different shapes are created. So, what do you do if you have a missing sector?


Well, first you should symbolically “square the space off.” This is quite easy to do if you have access to the outdoors. You can use bushes, fences, flowers, anything to create that outline needed to “complete the space.”

You should also figure out what sector you're missing and then compensate that space by adding the element of the missing sector. And you can be creative about it! You can add furniture, pictures, fabrics ... you can even paint the whole room the element color! Just follow these guidelines below. If you're missing the following sector, add that direction’s element near that missing sector.
Career/Journey (Water) – add a representation of water: the color black, dark blue (not sky blue), actual water, a picture of water, wavy shapes
Self Cultivation/ Knowledge (Earth) – add a representation of earth: the color brown, yellow, earth tones; terracotta, square shapes
Family/Health (Wood) – add a representation of wood: live plants, trees, flowers; the color green; tall shapes
Wealth/Prosperity (Wood) – add a representation of wood: live plants, trees, flowers; the color green; tall shapes
Fame/ Reputation (Fire) – add a representation of fire: the color red, lights; triangle shapes

Love/Marriage/Relationships (Earth) – add a representation of earth: the color pink, earth tones; terracotta, square shapes

Creativity/Children (Metal) – add a representation of metal: the colors white, grey; round shapes; shiny metal itself

Helpful People/Travel (Metal) – add a representation of metal: the colors white, grey; round shapes; shiny metal itself

Your Feng Shui Homework

So, for the month of May, go “color in the corners” and have fun doing it. You'll enjoy the benefits of finishing off your rooms, too. It won't radiate that intangible feeling like there's something missing, you'll have more energy in the room, and everyone working or hanging out in the rooms will feel more comfortable and balanced.

Until next month,

Be well, 



Franca Giuliani is an environmental advisor, integrated feng shui consultant, and energy clearer whose inquisitive nature has led her down the path of the metaphysical world and related topics. Now Franca uses her expansive knowledge and experience to help individuals get their bearings and think differently about themselves and their space, enabling them to better plan for the future. 

She collectively uses a number of modalities to help people become aware of their environment, acknowledge it, and then help them begin to reach a better balance. Becoming aware of one’s environment and understanding why things are happening is the foundation to a possible transformation of life.

Franca has studied feng shui, energy clearing, and astrology for over nine years and continues to study under world-renowned instructors. A graduate of the Feng Shui Alliance School formerly in Edgewater, NJ, she holds a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and a certificate from NYU. Additionally, Franca studied in Antwerp, Belgium and graduated from a Feng Shui Society of the United Kingdom accredited program.

Franca practices and teaches courses on relevant topics. She's consulted and lectured within the New York metro area, as well as in Italy. Italy has been Franca’s second home since childhood. She considers herself an Italian aficionado and organizes tours throughout Italy where she can share her knowledge and passion for this amazing country.