Oki Sato

The Canadian-born Japanese product designer believes in the importance of encountering "small surprises" in our surroundings ... and he also believes the products that his Nendo design company creates should have a strong sense of storytelling. In this video you'll hear Oki Sato discuss his design philosophy as it relates to his intriguing reflective pond table (top photo).

Other surprising, story-filled products from Mr. Sato's Nendo operation:

skiima sofa - lighting and tables can be flexibly arranged within the seating system

moya low table - mysterious floating surface

shadowstand - iPhone stand that appears to cast a shadow

transparent lamp - fun with optics

scatter shelf - reflective angles on this shelf system play tricks on the eye

fadeout chair - floating on air?

decoboco sofa - three different cushion thicknesses

yori bench - slight twist moves people closer together