Victoria Hagen

victoria_hagan2.jpgDesigner We Love: Victoria Hagen

Websites: Victoria Hagen Interiors, Victoria Hagen Home

Quotable Quote: Mixing old and new, for me, is all about finding a complementary balance that brings out the inner beauty of a piece.


Parsons grad, now serving on their Board of Governors 

1991 birthdate for Victoria Hagen Interiors, after designing spaces since 1985

Furniture, fabrics, accessories line in 2002

Residential and commercial design projects; numerous published projects

Architectural Digest's Top 100

2004 inductee, Interior Design Hall of Fame

What We Love:

Her Target Stores line, Victoria Hagen's Perfect Pieces, home items that reflect a horse-and-hunt, clean jet-setter look in the otherwise arid world of big box stores

Victoria's style: light, eclectic, sophisticated, well-blended design sensibilities

She does nothing overblown, supersized, or uncomfortable

Her Hampton's farmhouse retreat is spot-on in scale; no McMansion to this new construction -- brava on restraint, gentility, and landscaping that honors natural beauty

Victoria Hagen Sampler:






















































Photo Credits: Architectural Digest, Design Public, Apartment Therapy, Victoria Hagen Home

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