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3 Tips for Decorating Red in Your Home
Jessica Ackerman - During these chilly months, the winter weather is often quite bleak and cold outdoors. However, this doesn't mean that the inside of your home has to look bleak as well. This year, why not spice up your home's look with some exciting touches of red? Not only is red the perfect choice for Valentine's Day decor, but it's also just a great color to add an overall warm and inviting look to your home long after Love Day has passed. Here are 3 tips you can use to help spice up your home with red.

1. Decorate with Hearts

Heart shapes can offer a lot of decorating versatility, not only for Valentine's Day decor but also throughout the rest of the year. Whether you prefer small, frilly and romantic looking hearts or the bold look of large heart shapes, the overall look will be warm and inviting. If you like the look of wooden art, look for pieces that feature a heart motif. For a subtler look, kitchen towels decorated with small red hearts or a wallpaper border featuring red hearts could be just what you need.

2. Go Bold

If you want to give your home a warmer look for winter, try going bold with your color scheme. Darker and bolder colors often work quite well for winter decorating schemes, providing a much-needed touch of contrast against the white snow and bare tree branches outdoors. Red can be a perfect choice to use, especially since there are so many different red shades from which to choose. For example, you might choose a deep burgundy shade to blend nicely with a traditional decorating scheme, or a bright light red shade to add a more contemporary touch.

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