Resolution: Add More Glamour to My Home


The winter blahs and pre-spring ho-hums may be getting you down around the house. Why? Many homeowners tend to "cozy up" a home with darker tones, nubbier textiles, and an overall warmer look that flattens out when the weather turns lighter and daylight extends for longer hours. A solution to meet an oncoming spring is to add more furniture pieces that add reflective surfaces to a room. These pieces, widely available in finishes ranging from real mirrors to a sterling silver metallic, will catch and bounce light, pick up warmer and brighter color shades in your room, and add a touch of elegance and glamour to your home.

We've been celebrating Hollywood Regency Glamour on Design2Share recently, and furnishings and accents reminiscent of the Golden Age of Movies will help bring your home into a more glamorous light, particularly with reflective pieces that shimmer with daylight or sparkle with lamplight. One such collection is the new line from Michael Amini and actor/designer Jane Seymour called, appropriately enough, Hollywood Swank.

The idea, of course, is not to turn any room of your house into an Amini furniture showroom. Choose pieces selectively - from any furniture collection, mind you - and aim for a more eclectic mix of furnishings and accents that reflect your personality and not a single furniture designer or collection.

And those accent pieces are important too (think "jewelry" for your room, like adding jewelry to a clothing outfit before you step out of the house). Look for mirrored surfaces in room dividers, lamp bases, vases - and mirrors themselves! Glam it up, and add sparkle, romance, and glamour to your home.