Resolution: Freshen Up My Bedrooms

Have you been clothes shopping recently? If you have and you have been observant you will probably notice the abundance of flowers everywhere you look. From tiny sprig patterns to all-over florals to huge oversized prints, nature-inspired fabrics are on everything and everybody – even men’s shirts! Interior design sometimes follows catwalk fashion, and this is one of those times. For an instant on-trend update for your bedroom then have a look at introducing florals.

The easiest way to do it is to invest in some new bedding. Choose an all-over floral pattern for a solid floral look, and then echo the key colors elsewhere in the room. An expanse of a ‘busy’ design like this will be quite overpowering so don’t overdo it and keep the rest of the room plain and simple. The simple and strong fall colors in Diane von Furstenberg's Paper Petals Duvet (above) is a great example; bring the off-white and brown notes into the rest of the room and add playful throw pillows and sheets in strong, bright hues.
For a different take on the theme, select duvet covers with one large flower head printed onto them and make a bold statement; go with a few bold flowers as in the Cut Paper Floral Comforter Set by Dwell Studio for Target (at left). Mattresses will seem larger than life with this treatment and the eye will be instantly drawn. Or how about a barely-there delicate floral motif which might actually be stitched into the material rather than printed on? This will be subtle, soft and pretty and allow you to use brighter flower motifs elsewhere in your design. We're also in love with the classic floral graphics produced by Designers Guild, as in their smashing Watelet Printed Luxury Floral Bedding (below).

For a classic look and a more traditional feel you can make the most of divan beds by opting for flouncy valences teamed with chintzy prints and an old fashioned eiderdown. Make the whole room feel country cottage with a repetition of the floral theme and a respectful nod to Grandma’s house. Bring in vintage pieces to decorate and you will be delighted with a sweet result – ideal for a guest bedroom or a single girl’s whimsical retreat. We've got a crush on the delicate Mia Bedding Ensemble from Pottery Barn (photo below).

Children’s rooms too can look beautiful in florals. A modern take on the typical little girls pink paradise is to use a fresh grassy green as well, and a floral motif will work perfectly. Add in a fantastical dimension to capture their imaginations with butterflies or fairies and you will have won your little girl's heart. Go wild and see what you can do, like the Rizzy Rugs Samantha Bed Set (first photo below) or the funky, retro floral pattern (great for teens) at bottom - the Clarisse bed set from Dakotah Bedding.