Home Resources: New Country Collection

Congratulations to AD 100 interior designer Penny Drue Baird on her "New Rustic" feature in the just-out-on-newsstands June 2010 Architectural Digest. One of her clients wanted to turn a derelict barn on their property into a place to entertain and house guests, and she added beautiful interiors in a rustic eclectic mix of pieces she sourced in France, the Hamptons, and beyond.

Baird worked with her old friend and collaborator, Design2Share's Irwin Weiner. As the AD article notes, Irwin "has a lot of experience working with country structures," and he worked with the interior designer and her clients to create the architectural elements of a new open barn that functions beautifully as a residence, with all the modern amenities. After working on the barn renovation and redesign (see photos below), Irwin worked with Penny to plan the interior spaces, she then decorated them, and the result is magical.

Coinciding with his AD feature with Baird, Irwin Weiner announces the creation of his New Country Collection today, in collaboration with Designer Pages. Now design professionals and homeowners can see his favorite resources - from flooring and architectural materials to furniture, decorative plumbing, lighting, and accessories. Design2Share is featuring the New Country Collection in the right-hand sidebar of each page on our website. Look for the New Country Collection black-and-white banner and click on the title to go to the main collection page, or explore individual resources with one click on product names and photos. Irwin will tell us more about these resources, and will be adding more resources to the collection from time to time.


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