Bygone Paris - Dramatic Art Nouveau Chandelier

This Design2Share online collectible find is a Parisian Art Noveau Restaurant Chandelier.


  • Custom made in 1905
  • France is the country of origin
  • Piece consists of 6 large shades on the bottom tier, 6 smaller shades on the upper tier - half in glass and half in metal, painted and gilded inside; wrought iron arms with thin, precise welding
  • 7 feet 7 inches tall x 5 feet 9 inches deep x 5 feet 9 inches long


Granted, this monumental piece is not for any house! It's heroic height necessitates that it be used in a double-volume (at least) space. We've often winced at the puny lanterns and shrimpy crystal chandeliers that most homeowners use to light up a double- or triple-volume entry foyer (read: in a McMansion), but a beauty like this chandelier would set an entirely different mood. You'd be telling all your guests, "We're not fooling around with you. We have style - and we mean lots of style - and we're setting the mood for the rest of our house just to keep up with this over-the-top first impression."

In the photo above, you see the chandelier as it used to be - in La Maison du Telegraphe, a landmark restaurant in Paris. The dealer, Morateur Gallery, specializes in collecting architectural salvage and collectibles from key restaurants, hotels, and other landmarks in France. For us, it's sad to see this chandelier in situ, only to have it wind up in Suburbia, USA; but for the homeowner who loves history, wants to present an eclectic mix of 20th Century styles, and appreciates finding a new home for beautiful and important objects, then this chandelier deserves its place of honor in your space. The surface inside each of the 12 lamps is gilded ... and can you image the warm, golden light this piece will shower onto any room? Magnifique! 

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