Boomerang Desk

This Design2Share online collectible find is a Boomerang Desk from Maurice Calka (1921-1999). 


  • Made in the late 1960s
  • Fiberglass, marked limited edition
  • One lock-able left-hand door filing cabinet, three right-hand drawers
  • Created by French designer Maurice Calka
  • 29.5 inches tall x 36 inches deep x 5 feet 9 inches wide


Maurice Calka is considered one of the icons of furniture design. This desk was a big influence on designs that came afterwards, particularly the organic school of designers. 

The curving sweep of this desk is sensual, clean, and stylish. We'd love to have it. Perfect for the home office, a great addition to a loft or open-plan home, the better-than-a-writing-desk solution for a contemporary decor, we think this piece is an exciting collectible. This is most certainly furniture at its sculptural best, and that's where furniture is headed. Take a retro trip to the 1960s to see where today's designers are attempting to go. Well, as you can see, we've already been there.

Visit 1st Dibs for more information on the Boomerang Desk by Maurice Calka.

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