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Your B & B Host: I'm George Evans, and I've spent the last 20 years importing and exporting antiques and fine design pieces from Europe. I'm a New York City dealer and I have two showrooms in Lambertville, New Jersey.


This week we're bringing you a 1950s Iron Chandelier, offered by Blue Hill Antiques, located at 8 Water Street in lovely Blue Hill, Maine.  This quirky and fun mid-century modern, 6-armed, 40-pound beauty is 33 inches in diameter and 24 inches high.

The chandelier is amazingly detailed, composed of welded iron rods that have been painted with a thick coat of off-white paint -- very much the forerunner of painted chandeliers that are all the rage in today's contemporary decorating schemes.  Look at how stylish a rubber-dipped chandelier looks with the clean walls and graphics in this +81 Magazine art exhibit.


We think our painted chandelier will look beautiful in your home, too.

For a more in-depth discussion about fantastic modernist chandeliers, see my By George! interview with Design2Share. And visit Bond & Bowery for the item detail page and direct dealer contact information on this incredible light fixture.


Photo credit: Citizen - Citizen

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