Kickstarter: Funding for Important Works in the Creative Arts


Jay Johnson - I just discovered Kickstarter, and shame on me for not being that plugged into the art world to know about this great site that helps present the vision of artists, their project theses, and requests for funding to make their good works possible. Individuals and groups can contribute the funds required by each artist to help them reach their project goals - true crowdfunding. 

Artist Colleen Flanigan from Portland, OR is a great example of the good work Kickstarter does to spotlight creativity and global benefits. Colleen's Living Sea Sculpture is beautifully documented in the following video (and click on the link for more background information about Colleen and her now-successfully-funded project), using contemporary art as a coral refuge. Says the artist, "Corals are near the root of the family tree of all living animals. Humans have put these ancestors on the evolutionary tree in peril. We want to give coral back its color through life-supporting underwater Biorock formations."