Buzzy Invitations Invading the Art Space

Caroline Wolfe Papocchia - It's not news that technology has leveled many industries in recent years, and stationery is not exempt. Email has dramatically decreased postal service and has decimated the once de rigueur practice of sending personal notes on personal stationery.

Despite these trends, however, wedding invitations remain squarely in the physical realm. These days couples have endless invitation options, from elegant letterpress to laser-cut paper and etched lucite. And we note that today's invitations are bolding entering the realm of fine art.

We have seen a lot of cool invitations, but we truly drooled at the rust and wood offerings from couture paper studio Twig & Fig of Berkeley, CA. Rust and wood? Seriously? Yes, rust and wood - shades of brown, orange, and burgundy; perfect for Fall.

Christina Bohn from Twig & Fig explained that the wood is laser-cut with a specific design and the invitation itself was a thin acid-etched, rusted, and screen-printed steel plate. Wow? Wow.

Impossible to relate with photographs was the sensual quality of this invitation suite. It had heft and texture, but the thinness of the metal and wood and the articulated design gave the entire set a indescribable delicateness. The acid-etched landscape was so subtle it was only perceivable at certain angles. Hard and soft, warm and cold - a bevy of juxtapositions that created incredible depth.

It would take a special couple to opt for such a dramatic invitation set ... but we doubt they would regret it. The artistic merits of these invitations alone set them apart from the pack. 


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