Mental Block #1

It's not every day when you find a work of fine art that would function in most interior designs schemes, but we found this 1964 painted wood sculpture Mental Block #1 and think it will be one of those goes-anywhere pieces. With the addition of a simple glass top, it’s the perfect side table.

The work is by Edward Movitz, an under- the-radar modern artist, an abstract expressionist whose background includes Tufts, Harvard, and Massachusetts College of Art. He has actively exhibited between 1959 - 1992 in multiple North eastern galleries and institutions.

Mental Block #1 is for sale from Bond & Bowery art dealer Francis Frost Fine Art of Newport, RI.

Made of painted wood, the sculpture has multiplies of small cubes with varying angles joined together in an early prototype of a Rubik’s Cube. It's signed in ink by the artist on the base.

We think this piece is versatile and can go almost anywhere. Turn it into a smart, conversational drinks table. Put this sculpture on a console table or floor. It's 16 x 15 inches and can be used in many settings. It would be a great addition to any modernist collection.

Jay JohnsonComment