January Design Favorites

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Sky-High Park


We're in love with New York City's new High Line Park, and it's our resolution to spend more time strolling this exciting urban space built on an old elevated 1930s railroad track in the midst of bustling Manhattan.



Blowin' in the Wind


Retro as all get out, we're over the moon about the Asli Arts Capiz Solar Chime from the good folks at Woodstock Chimes. Click on the chimes to read all about these tinkling chimes made from capiz shells and how they use solar power to light up and cast a moody, shimmering glow when the sun goes down. These chimes make great gifts and can be enjoyed either indoors or outside.



Design Store Love


Make a point in the new year to stop online or in person at the Molteni&C Dada Unifor flagship store. The brick and mortar location is at trendy 60 Green Street in SoHo. Their many goodies include Patricia Urquiola's Diamond Table (below) and all the tabletop selections you'd ever want to put on it.



 More Design Store Love


The Wallpaper* wallspace store is now open at the Rinascente department store in Milan, Italy's design capital.

These design goodies caught our eye (photos below): salt and pepper grinders by Norway Says for Muuto; the Two Timer wall clock by Industrial Facility and Sam Hecht.







And Speaking of Time . . .


Audemars Piguet, the world's oldest watchmaker still in the hands of its two Swiss founding families (founded in 1875), just opened up a shining oasis of a flagship store on Manhattan's busy 57th Street. The new 3,000 square foot boutique is a combined design effort between Swiss firm Atelier Oi and the work of New York commercial interior design firm Spin Design. Dramatic design elements abound and guarantee this as a must-see experience for design and timepiece aficionados.



Hands-Free Doors


Star Trek lovers unite! We now have automatic patio doors that will slide open when you approach. How many times have we had to fumble around with a tray of drinks or snacks trying to open old patio doors? No longer with the Star Track Electronic Motion Sensing Sliding Door Opener, a nifty way to automate your existing glass and screen doors.

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