D2S Editor Favorites

Favorite Book Series

Designer Todd Oldham has a new book series out called Place Space, all about quirky people and places. There are also fab essays written by folks like Amy Sedaris and Cindy Sherman.

Favorite Books

Those would actually be the books that YOU create using our new Design2Share partnership with Blurb. Make your own bookstore-quality books tonight with Blurb's free BookSmart software. Buy just one or many; prices start at $12.95. Get Started Now!

Favorite Desks

cb2's graph desk (above) is clean, white, and a great buy for the home office.

The Scriba desk from YCami (above) is a versatile, modularized desk designed by Claudio Bellini. Bella, bella.

P'kolino's adorable and space-saving Klick Desk (above) will let your child color and draw merrily beside you in the home office as you battle to get that PowerPoint presentation completed for the big board meeting in the morning.

Favorite Video

Thanks to designer Oskar Torres for tipping us off to the Hamptons Cottages & Gardens 2008 Idea House Video Tour; great work from everyone involved (and good job, Oskar!).

Favorite House Tours

Bucks County, Pennsylvania is close to major eastern cities and home to many beautiful residences. This house tour will show you six diverse examples of the Bucks County lifestyle, and we wanted to congratulate our creative director Irwin Weiner on having his home included in this year's tour (that's his living room and guest bedroom in the event poster above). Contact Tony Luna at tony@centralbuckschamber.com for more details.

Favorite Eco Tip for Kitchens

Are you a clean freak? The folks at Method put out Squeaky Green: The Method Guide to Detoxing Your Home, and they note that disinfectants and antibacterials should not be used in kitchens. They may boast of killing bacteria, but viruses actually contribute to colds and illness, and it would take chlorine bleach 30 minutes to sit on a pre-cleaned surface in order to kill bacteria. Their recommendation? Clean kitchen surfaces often with natural products; that's all you need to minimize dirt and bacterial accumulation.

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