D2S Editor Favorites

Favorite Art Happenings

Alexandra Avlonitis (Untitled, 2008 shown above) will open her new Mindful Journeys art show on August 30, running  through October 6 in beautiful Roxbury, CT.

Pamina Traylor (Tray Adrift shown above) debuts her reflections show on August 21; it runs through October 18 at San Francisco's sculpturesite gallery.

Favorite Do-It-Yourself Design Idea

We love Besselink & Jones for their great selection of lighting solutions. Now they can powder coat their metallic lamps in practically any custom color you can provide. We think this color-matching idea would be a great way for you to retrofit any metallic yard sale or flea market treasure to fit into today's Painted Look for lighting. If you want to powder coat your finds, click on the preceding link to get tips on how to prep your objects, then contact a nearby shop that will do this process for you, like New Hampshire's Powder Coating Alternatives.

Favorite Space-Saving Beds

Resource Furniture in New York has some great solutions for apartments, guest rooms, media rooms, and home offices to maximize multiple uses for precious living space. The Ito model (first two photos) converts from a sofa to a queen-sized bed while the Ulissee Desk (last three photos) converts into a single or double bed.

Garden Favorites

We're really liking the Fishtail Planter for its large size @ 38 inches in diameter and 25.6 inches tall; perfect for a large plant or trailing arrangement. We also have our eye on the George and Dragon Tank and Fountain because we can't get enough of the sound of splashing water. Both are from Burke Decor.

Favorite Tables

Are you a gaming geek? How about a 1980s geek? Either qualifies you to love the Rubik's Cube Table by Jellio, made for the geek inside of everyone. Use one as an end table or put two together for coffee table action.

Aluminum never bent so beautifully before. Christoph Boeninger's 2006 Table #28 is an original, with two shelves made from bent ribbed aluminum. Great for indoors and outdoors.

We went ape over Wisteria's Riveted Metal Coffee Table. We're now waiting for one to roll itself into our living room.

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