D2S Editor Favorites

Dying from the heat.  Favorite Hot Furniture Look



Olivia Gregory's Lollypop furniture line is available from Le Tramac in London. Her Louis XV furniture is covered in mod, madcap, colorful PVC high-gloss upholstery. Handy; you can hose everything down after a wild party.


Chef.  Favorite Kitchen Helper


The Mythos modular sink from Franke is an award-winning stainless steel or fragranit (pictured above) sink that's a perfect solution for prepping food, with functional areas for washing and rinsing, draining, and chopping.


Psychotic.  Favorite Reasons to Stare at the Wall


Modern Mural is a complete custom art source for your home or office. Browse for art in their huge online database, choose your style (the one pictured above is three 12 x 40 inch rectangles), create a portfolio of options (great if you're a designer who needs to show a particular client a number of options), then finalize. Reasonably priced, and everything's shipped to you ready to hang.


New idea.  Favorite Lighting


There's a limited edition of Word Bell lamps designed by Alison Berger Glassworks. Handblown crystal etched by the artist with translated text from DaVinci's notebook and his musings about light, optics, and natural conditions.


How can someone love an object?  Favorite Kind-to-the-Environment Material





You might say that Daniel Michalik is a real corker. He loves using environmentally-friendly cork to come up with amazing furniture and accessory designs. Check out his DMFD website for more information.


Crying.  Favorite Solutions to Little Home Problems


The One-Trip Bag Grip is a nifty way to have a comfortable padded handle to carry all your plastic bags from your shopping trip (above).


Museum Putty and Museum Gel are great for holding pictures in place and keeping collectibles from sliding off shelves. Use clear Museum Gel for your crystal. (Great for holding things in place in earthquake zones!)


The StainEraser Tile Grout Cleaner is a handy way to scrub grout clean from stains, mildew, rust, and other deposits.

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