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Favorite Home Storage & Workspace Solutions



Clever Herman Miller has come up with a multi-functional modular furniture system called Teneo. You can create 80 products with a wide range of surfaces (the photo above shows an eco-friendly cork covering). With just 25 different parts, you can create materials like islands, wall units, serving carts, and shelving that keep adapting to your home's changing needs.

Favorite Reader Submissions



Thanks to Scott Broder from Westport, CT for sending us these amazing, mind-blowing photos of (top) a unique ceiling in a smoking lounge and (bottom) a disappearing-floor mural in an apartment bathroom. Do you think "mess with your mind" decorating will ever catch on?

Favorite Beds

The handpainted Spanish village headboards from Wisteria are too beautiful for words. We love the Buenos Dias and Buenos Noches pair of twin headers. Perfect for your guest room.

Favorite Used Furniture Tip

If you have furniture you want to get rid of, try going to Freecycle. Go to their website, type in your zip code, and post whatever you need to get rid of. A local Freecycle group (and there are over 5 million members worldwide) will contact you and you'll exchange emails to get rid of your material. If you need something strange or hard to find, post what you need and it works in reverse. No money changes hands, giving this service its nickname -- Freebay.

Favorite Homes of the Future

Netherlands architect Ken Olthuis is definitely on to something in the age of global warming, creating residential and commercial structures that sit on water. This rethinks the paradigm of traditonal architecture, making it possible to create structures that don't require clearing land and making location more . . . fluid. Need to move? No problem. Just tow your home up the shore to another town.

Favorite Floor Show


We love The New England Collection and its wide variety of classical and contemporary designs, all executed in handmade American hooked rugs. They're made with cotton, cotton and jute, or wool fabric and dyed with natural dyes. Everything is available in the usual sizes, but they can also be custom made to suit any project.

Favorite Breakfast Tables

Any nosh will be nicer when on one of the two tables below: the strikingly red Blu Dot Strut table and Vitra's Gueridon table designed by Jean Prouve in 1949.

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