D2S Editor Favs: Week of February 25, 2008

Mowing the grass.  Favorite Spring Fling Splurge



Looking for something to splurge on for your yard or garden? Then look no further than Tracy Porter's heavenly A Beautiful Dream bridge made from mango wood.


Fun pushing.  Favorite Crafts Couple




Master designers Aaron Yakim and Cynthia Taylor create beautiful Appalachian White Oak Baskets that would look amazing in your home. Their sculptural forms would fit into any decor, and you can use them to gather eggs!


Dying from the heat.  Favorite Palm Beach Show Fine Furniture


Our friends at Bond & Bowery have just returned from the big Palm Beach Show, and they brought back with them an unsold item -- one that should have been snapped up due to its beauty, high quality, and affordability. Read more about this amazing Adam Style Console in this week's Bond & Bowery Presents column. 


A lot of work.  Favorite Storage System


System Stahblom from TAF inspires storage lust in us. Imagine this in a home office, dining room, bedroom, or any room to solve clutter and storage problems. This architecture and design firm has outstanding offerings.


Old hat.  Favorite Old Book Resource


Steven Schuyler Bookseller specializes in rare books in the building professions and trades, landscape architecture, interior design, antiques, historic preservation, and the decorative arts. This illustration is a Louis Tiffany interior from a rare embossed-cover copy of Constance Cary Harrison's book Woman's Handiwork in Modern Homes.


Drunk.  Favorite Wine Appliance


Subzero's 427R Wine-Refrigerator seems big on the wine and small on the refrigerator -- but drink up and enjoy because it's beautiful, it's functional, and it's a kitchen status symbol.


New idea.  Favorite Good-Idea Mobile Home


We admit that mobile homes are not necessarily good ideas to begin with, but if one were to choose a great idea in mobile homes, we vote for The Orb. It's a lightweight, oval-shaped, well-insulated mobile home that comfortably sleeps 7 without sacrificing contemporary style.


Dying from the heat.  Favorite Hot Home Theater System



Out since last July, Sony's Bravia TheaterSync home theater system (around $800 and a complete in-a-box solution) features the micro DAV-IS 10 satellite speakers that pump out big sound for a small home space.

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