D2S Editor Favs: Week of February 4, 2008

Mowing the grass.  Favorite Back-to-Nature House



Lyman Perry Studios in Berwyn, PA get our kudos for designing this amazing home that uses the land as a friend rather than a nuisance. Look further into this eco-friendly home, the Ross Residence.


Old hat.  Favorite Fine Furniture


BB.gifOur friends at Bond & Bowery are at it again! They've selected an amazing Mid-Century Modern Window Seat as their featured Bond & Bowery Presents item this week. And be sure to check out B & B's George Evans for an industry insider's take on the whole mid-century thing in this week's By George! column.


Crying.  Favorite Wet Decor




We're already planning our gardens, and we bumped into the Earthstone Studio folks. Their line of hand-carved rock fountains is inspired by and named after real-life waterfalls. The three creations above were inspired by Yosemite Valley's Bridalveil Fall, California's Limekiln Falls, and central Tennessee's Fall Creek Falls.

And what will we plant around these water features? Go to Diane's Flower Seeds for extraordinary open-pollinated and heirloom seeds, including some lovely rarities. We had a great ordering experience with them recently, and we can't wait to start planting!


Chef.  Favorite Kitchen





Antique reproduction furniture by craftsman Bryce M. Ritter turns ordinary kitchens into something much better. The hand-crafted details in a Timeless Kitchen Design project caught our eye at the recent Greater Philadelphia Home Show. Time to conceal your appliances behind beautiful cabinetry!


Dying from the heat.  Favorite Hot Flooring Idea





Flor makes modular carpet systems for homes, and they even have a new Martha Stewart line. Their patterned systems really caught our eye. They're colorful and playful, and seem to be easy and fun to install.


Being a chemist.   Favorite Home Cleaner


The Allergy Buyers Club is serious about keeping your house clean, so we went through their product offerings to look for a great home cleaning system. The Ladybug XL2300 Vapor Steam Cleaner, equipped with a feature (TANCS) that disinfects and kills microbes, is serious commercial-strength cleaning power. And it's great to skip using harmful chemicals, too.


New idea.  Favorite Bathroom Decor Idea


American Standard offers the sexy Lagaro Freestanding Bathtub from their Porcher division. Calgon, take us away!

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