D2S Editor Favs: Week of December 17, 2007

Walking in the snow.  Favorite Back-to-Nature House Idea




24H architecture pushes the envelope on natural spaces with this all-natural home. We think living in this space would be like going to summer camp all year round!


Relieved.  Favorite Sculpture


Mark Pettegrow is the sculptor to watch. It seems he can do everything, from classic and abstract sculpture (like the lovely bronze pictured above) to interior design detailing -- from painting and custom stair railings to poolhouse ornamentation.


Psychotic.  Favorite Chill Furniture



These Chill Out pieces come in a double and single recliner version from Wittmann.


New idea.  Favorite Lighting



There's something very sensual about designer Jeremy Pyles' hand-blown modern glass pendants for Niche Modern.


Chef.  Favorite Kitchen Gizmo



The Swiss are great engineers, and we've fallen in love with the Solis Ultra One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Center. It does virtually everything automatically, including bringing in cold milk from optional mini-refrigerator attachment.


Bouncing a ball.  Favorite Kiddie Furniture


The Uffizi Bunk Beds from Argington, the modern children's furniture people, are welcome relief from the usual boring stacked units we see everywhere. We like the dark-stained walnut stain contrasting with the white, as well as the staggering and fun window cutouts.


Evil planning.  Favorite Buzzed-About Luxury Apartment Building


Warburg Marketing did a heck of a job selling buyers on its successful and refreshing Flowerbox Building on Avenue D and 7th Street in NYC.


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