D2S Editor Favs: Week of December 10, 2007

Psychotic.  Favorite Video


We love Todd Oldham and his Handmade Modern video series. You'll enjoy watching his Charles and Ray Eames Essay if you're a fan of mod furniture.


Fun pushing.  Favorite Pushing-the-Envelope House


Above is the BEFORE picture of a 1930s wooden country cottage in Frankfurt, Germany.



And here are the AFTER exterior and interior pictures for the newly renovated house. Meixner Schluter Wendt Architects incorporated a new architectural envelope around the old frame and used the original as a furnishing highlight within the new structure. Absolutely stunning.


New idea.  Favorite Family Giving Idea


In this season of giving, D2S editors encourage your family to make a donation to the International Rescue Committee, doing great work all around the world, particularly for people who don't have homes. Founded at the suggestion of Albert Einstein, the IRC is the charity leader in effectiveness, giving 90 cents for every donated dollar directly to benefit people in dire need. Check out their leadership team, which reads like a Who's Who of world leaders, celebrities, and captains of business and industry.


Dying from the heat.  Favorite Hot Appliance


UK-based Fagor came out this year with the niftiest new laundry system, their DrIron. It's the first ever drier and ironing machine. Clothes come out wrinkle-free due to a unique moisture extraction system. Clothes last a lot longer when you don't have to iron them, too.


Crying.  Favorite Last-Minute Gift Ideas


There are hundreds of artist-made, blown-glass holiday ornaments at The Artful Home website. Support artisans and deck your halls at the same time.


Old hat.  Favorite Antique


We drooled over this c1885 silver-plate Egyptian Revival revolving warming dish from One of a Kind Antiques.


Slap.  Favorite Auction Item Worth Fighting Over


Rago Arts and Auction Center recently had their Jewelry/Great Estates sale, and this Steuben Gold Aurene two-handled vase and compote with calcite exterior caught our attention (among other delights).


A lot of work.  Favorite Office Furniture Contest


We love the funny contest Steelcase is putting on right now. The winner of the "What's your uncomfortable office moment?" contest wins one of their Leap chairs.


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