Bollywood Meets NYC Loft Living

Jay Johnson - My regular readers know me well; I'm a voyeur. I love to look into people's houses. When I was little, I liked to take walks around the block and hope that people's lights were turned on. I could see people seated around their dining tables, chandeliers blazing, artwork on the walls - interior design in plain sight, just like it was meant to be . . . for me to see!

When I find a video that gives us a chance to tour people's private spaces, I can't wait to share it with everyone. In this case, a gay couple in NYC (can you imagine?) share their loft space on Union Square with the TV folks at Design By Love. We're only seeing this one space, but the show features a host and three celebrity judges: interior design star Chris Coleman, clothing goddess Patricia Field, and Top Design star Nathan Thomas. We're not seeing the other two loft spaces, but I'm guessing from the show intro that our gamily (gay + family) have the superior digs.