Ken's Fans

Jay Johnson - In a recent trip to El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM, we made a detour to Old Mesilla, NM. We saw the quaint town square and stopped in at the Del Sol Store to explore their collections of sterling silver jewelry, handwoven wool rugs, American and Latin American art, and handcrafted home furnishings. We made a beeline, with our El Paso hosts Esther and Jack, to the back of the store where they housed a large assortment of Ken Edwards Stoneware table service and accessories. Our hosts love to collect Ken Edwards pieces and give them as gifts, and we were able to pick out our own souvenir treasure, a simple tray that has a place of honor in our kitchen.

We encouraged Sheila Arp, the Ken Edwards expert at Del Sol, to give us a quick tour of their collection and to tell us a bit more about why Ken Edwards makes such collectible pottery. We hope you enjoy our video of Sheila, and explore Ken's studio work for your own home collections. (By the way, our hosts Esther and Jack were caught at the beginning of our video "discussing" the artistic merits of one piece that Esther wanted to purchase. Esther was adamant that what was in her hands was a beauty, but Jack said go ahead and buy it, "but you can keep it in your closet." Esther bought it anyway.)

There is, however, a bit of mystery surrounding our visit to Old Mesilla! One store worker told us that Ken Edwards had just passed away in January 2010. I asked Sheila to confirm this and she said she refuses to talk about Ken in the past tense. "His passing hasn't been confirmed to me at all, and until it is, I think it's just a rumor." When I went online to do some research, even going to the Ken Edwards site, I couldn't find anything on the subject. If you know anything - one way or the other - please post a comment. And if you're reading this, Ken, please let us know that the reports of your demise have been greatly exaggerated because you have a lot of fans (including newly-converted me) who wish you well.

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