Snooze City Printed Pillow Cases

It's difficult to get excited about pillow cases, but we're plenty thrilled that Snooze City Designs has created an amazing range of cool Printed Pillow Cases that are perfect for dressing up any bed - with an edge.

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The funky scenes and graphics on these pairs of pillow cases are so cool, they're like T-shirts. They fit all standard pillows. Use them to change up the look of your usual bedding, and by all means, these pillow cases are the bedding answer for hard-to-find styles appropriate for tweens, teens, college students, and twenty-somethings. As Snooze City says, "don't be boring in bed!" Here are some styles that our resident designer Irwin Weiner put together of some of the Snooze City Designs Printed Pillow Cases.

In the above photo, Irwin chose Panoramic Pillow Cases to show off a funky photographic look to the bed. He dressed them with a gray Calvin Klein top sheet (from Bloomingdale's), Bella Lux Fine Linens Black and White King Set Comforter and Shams (from Home Goods), and two books - Streetcar Named Desire and Jailbait Zombie! Irwin also covered the headboard with a black Martex Studio Queen top sheet (from Kohl's). That's a great quick-change decor idea. He used pushpins to keep the sheet tightly in place in the back of the headboard. Change sheets, colors, and patterns to coordinate with the rest of your bedding.


Irwin used the LOVE Printed Pillow Cases next (see above), covering the headboard in a red Martex Studio 200 thread count queen top sheet (from Kohl's). Gray Calvin Klein sheets (from Bloomingdale's) and a Cynthia Rowley Color Therapy 100% cotton quilt in white (from Home Goods) further dress the bed, with decorating touches added by an iPhone, Star Wars edition of Entertainment Weekly, a Netflix DVD, and a Philippe Starck Gnome Stool (from Kartell).


Irwin rocked the look with a Darrel Jones Lakland electric bass guitar on a bed boasting The Wave Printed Pillow Cases. He carried the zen feel of the cases into the rest of the bedding: a gray Calvin Klein top sheet covering the headboard (from Bloomingdale's), black Martex Studio pillow cases (from Kohl's), and a Bella Lux Fine Linens Black and White King Set Comforter (from Home Goods). Flanking the bed are a pair of inlaid mosaic mid-century end tables and mid-century walnut lamps with parchment paper pagoda shades.

Finally, Irwin used the Good Nite Printed PIllow Cases to set a feisty bare-knuckled theme for the bed. He used a Martex Studio zebra printed top sheet to cover the headboard and black Martex Studio pillow cases (both from Kohl's), Ralph Lauren black polka dot top sheet (from Home Goods), and tucked in a surprise Ugly Doll to guard the bed. Go to the Snooze City Designs Printed Pillow Cases product page to check out all 10 pillow case styles.

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