Lettuce Dinnerware from Mustardseed & Moonshine

We often see beautiful imported tabletop items, but few have impressed us as much as the amazing botanical-inspired dinnerware lines coming from Cape Town, South Africa's Mustardseed & Moonshine.

We singled out their Lettuce Dinnerware pattern as being exemplary of how they've let nature take its course as they create their fine handcrafted earthenware lines. And impressively, all pieces are dishwasher, oven, and microwave proof.

Mustardseed & Moonshine was founded by Kate Carlyle in Cape Town, South Africa in 1992. Her idea was to make beautiful ceramic flowers that were both usable and lasting, flowers that were meticulously crafted, and yet simultaneously robust and functional. Although the company has grown over the years, it remains a studio of dedicated artists and the pride that goes into each piece is evident. The artists who hand-make all of these delicate heads of lettuce and turn them into high-fired earthenware, work with love and dedication to bring a truly original piece to you.