Discover a Moment of Luxury with Designer William Stubbs

If you haven't discovered Moment of Luxury on PBS, then you're in for a treat! This program boasts Architectural Digest AD 100 interior design great William Stubbs from Houston, TX, and he's one of the most gracious industry spokespeople we've ever watched in action. The show is all about travels to exotic and beautiful places, bringing you design secrets and details that take luxury from great locations and translates them into your decor and lifestyle tips for your own home.

Stubbs' tips and advice are practical and affordable ways to bring luxe into your life without breaking the bank - and the show provides hours of inspiration, the fuel that drives all great interior design. Watch the program for the great ideas alone, but keep watching it and you'll find a whole new way to appreciate the details in the world around you. Here's a video collage from Season 2 of Moment of Luxury, and it's packed with tips and interviews with some of our favorite design industry folks.


Luxury Moment: Design2Share loves luxe details like the DESU Design White Marble Valas Bowl. It's a large, heavy piece that can anchor a coffee table or dining room table, as both a useful bowl - for fruit, candies, nuts, or other items - and a piece of tablescape sculpture. The classic white marble is chic and timeless, and the carving is exquisite and inspired from the underbelly of a whale ("valas" is Finnish for "whale"). Indulge your senses and add the White Marble Valas Bowl to your home decor today.

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