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Let's Take a Trip! I've been staying close to home . . . really staying in the domestic USA the past few weeks, haven't I? We've been to Westport, Atlanta, Bucks County PA, and Tucson . . . but this week I felt like digging out my passport and traveling to somewhere exotic and romantic! It's that time of year to think about the upcoming Summer Season. Where are the best places to relax and enjoy the Luxe Life?

One of the best places I know is the Isle of Capri, so let's go to gorgeous Italy where luxe real estate abounds and luxurious lifestyles take command of all your senses!!!


Magic Isle! Magnificent views of sparkling, clear blue waters surround this jewel of an isle! Many say it outshines the Caribbean. Capri boasts charming streets, fantastic hotels for guests, beach clubs for entertaining . . .  and parking for your yacht -- no problem here!

Capri's fame as an exclusive destination began at the start of the 19th century when it was “discovered” by the Northern European upperclassers embarking on the Grand Tour. It was at this time that the island’s first hotel opened, the Hotel Pagano, and since then everyone from wealthy tourists to scholars and artists have been drawn by the island's legendary hospitality and rich natural beauty and history. It's a retreat, a destination, a haven, an inspiration. Everyone hates to leave!

Get There Fast! Luxies have a first choice . . . of course you can get to Capri in your private yacht . . . but for mere mortals there are other easy ways to find this Italian paradise! Fly into Naples International Airport. You can take a helicopter puddle jump for 15 to 20 minutes to Capri . . . maximum of four passengers . . . and no need for a lot of luggage -- you can shop on the island for essentials and extravagances!


Ferries, hydrofoils, Seacats, and similar vessels leave from Molo Beverello (below Piazza Municipio) in Naples and from Sorrento's Marina Piccola, while aliscafi (hydrofoils) also sail from the small marina of Mergellina, a short distance west of the Villa Comunale in Naples.

Cars? There are restrictions on taking cars onto the island of Capri, but mostly if you're Italian. Non-Italians can move relatively freely with their car from Naples to Capri, but understand that much of Capri Town is ideal for pedestrians. Those in the know think a car on the island is more hindrance than help!

blue%20grotto.jpgOh, the Sights You'll See! Capri’s Blue Grotto . . . the Grotta Azzurra . . . it's amazing how large it is, how BLUE it is, and how silvery underwater object appear! Climb aboard small rowing boats to enter the narrow cave mouth and you're swept into a world you have never before imagined.

Capri’s . . . the Grotta Azzurra . . . it's amazing how large it is, how BLUE it is, and how silvery underwater object appear! Climb aboard small rowing boats to enter the narrow cave mouth and you're swept into a world you have never before imagined.

The amazing optics of the cave causes the all-blue light, with all light coming from an underwater opening. The water filters out all the red tones! The history of the Grotto goes back to Roman times . . . and this might have been where the Sirens once lived, bewitching poor souls who dared to trespass!

piazzetta.jpgPiazza Umberto! The legendary “Piazzetta” is really the center of the Isle of Capri. When you arrive on the island, you pass through narrow passages between umbrella-covered tables outside bars where locals meet for lunch or chit-chat. Fab atmosphere and true Cafe Culture! This town hub has the newsstand, tourist office, a clock tower, and a public phone with Internet connection.

Just 15 Minutes Away You'll Find . . . The bay of Marina Piccola . . . a great Capri beach, drop-dead-gorgeous setting, and amazing view of the Faraglioni rocks (see the first photo) . . . three rock blocks with (can you believe it!) names: Stella (attached to land), Faraglione di Mezzo (out to sea a bit, with its famous natural tunnel), and Faraglione di Fuori or Scopolo (stretching out to the sea). The rocks are home to a blue-tinted lizard, and it's the only place in the world where this little fellow is found! The Romans also loved this part of Capri, too, with great villas spread all around. Later, this has become home to exclusive private residences and lovely hotels.

All around Capri you'll find lovely private beach clubs . . . their own secluded beaches dripping off the coastline . . .  catering to your every whim . . . and many with outstanding restaurants!

Don't Miss: Tragara, Pizzolungo and the Natural Arch . . . Via Tragara is an amazing road from Roman times . . . Monte Solaro with its wonderful views, Cetrella and Barbarossa Castle, the spectacular hairpin turns of Via Krupp and the Gardens of Augustus, Punta Carena . . . which has become a highly fashionable place and the ideal setting to enjoy a day by the sea or hear live music at local resorts! La Migliera is a walker's wonder . . . amazing white rocks soaring in jagged lines . . . and Punta Carena's famous lighthouse (see photo below)!


The Casa Rossa… painted in Pompeian Red, this fab art museum features a number of architectural styles . . . I love the mullioned and laced windows! The house was owned by an American who came to Italy after the Civil War and collected antiques and artifacts he found on Capri and displayed them in his house. You'll love Casa Rossa and their "The Painted Island" collection of 32 beautifully painted scenes of Capri by Italian and international masters!

da_paolino.jpgDining Destination! Around the Piazzetta you can wander the alleyways and find a number of delish restaurants. Excellent food on Capri . . . and we recommend traditional local dishes using nothing but the freshest fish and seafood. You'll find the cooking is mostly Mediterranean and Neopolitan style, with heavy use of tomato, olive oil, garlic, basil, oregano, parsley, mint, fennel, capers, marjoram, olives, and anchovies. And nothing helps digestion better than great cuisine with fabulous scenery and charming views!

What to Buy? Shopping is great on Capri! Look around Viale Axel Munthe, the Via Federico Serena, or the Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri to pick up some extra clothes! Once you're in Capri, you can also outfit your new home with the special tiles, ceramics, artwork, and flowers . . . try the specialty shops with fine wines, housewares, oils, perfumes, jewelry . . . charming boutiques line the streets with their wares. Luxies, you will be at home here in Capri!


And Speaking of Home . . . Luxe Property Lovers, would you like to own a fantastic villa on Capri (see photo above for a glam shot of the front entrance)? This amazing Villa has been completely renovated in 2007, and I'm delighted to preview it for you!


This private home is beautifully sited on one of the most coveted residential streets in Capri.

Villa Highlights:

One of the last homes built on the island, this villa is a modern masterpiece! 

You will enjoy the exquisite panoramic view from Marina Piccola to Ischia.

This villa boasts 230 meters of interior living area . . . .

4 bedrooms


4 bathrooms


Fully-appointed kitchen


Radiant heating and air conditioning

Your own villa on Capri is completely ready now for occupancy and will be sold completely furnished!


In addition to the large interior living space, there is a huge bonus: there are 5 terraced garden levels! Isn't the view amazing in the above photo? Luxies, I can picture the parties you will be throwing in your villa on sunny Capri, your luxurious island getaway!

Give Julia Broder a call at 1-203-247-7500: Ask me for more information about this amazing luxe Villa as well as other Capri, Italy real estate . . . totally ready for you to move in and enjoy a spectacular lifestyle on one of the Summer Season's hottest spots . . . and I'll connect you with the best luxe agent in beautiful Capri! As an affiliate agent with The Riverside Realty Group, my luxe property contacts are second to none . . . locally . . . nationally . . . or abroad! And call me for advice on how to help you list and sell your beautiful home . . . or help you find a new home for 2008. I offer total luxury real estate services with your privacy in mind.

Till next week . . . I'm getting my next luxe property ready to showcase, and we'll travel together to another fantastic community! (And please visit my Luxury Properties website and email me at julia@juliabroder.com with your comments, ideas, and real estate questions. I always love to hear from my Luxies!)

All the best,



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Photo Credits: Capri.it,  Capri.com, Via Travel Design, Foto Capri, Capri.com, IgoUgo

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